Frank Martin Society

The objectives of the Frank Martin Stichting (Frank Martin Society), according to the statutes

  1. The aim of the society is to honour the artistic legacy of the composer Frank Martin and the dissemination of his work and writings, and to do everything related to it or that can be conducive to it. This purpose does not include making payments to the founder or to those who are part of the foundation’s bodies.
  2. The society aims for public benefit.
  3. The society is a non-profit organization.
  4. The society tries to achieve its goal by, among other things:
    1. collecting and keeping together documentation on Frank Martin, his life, his work and his writings;
    2. stimulating performances of his compositions;
    3. the release of sound carriers of his works and the re-release of old recordings;
    4. promoting publications about Frank Martin;
    5. All other means which serve to keep alive the memory of Frank Martin.

Outline of the policy plan (2022-2025)

For the years 2022-25, the following policy areas have been prioritized:

  1. Implementing the foundation’s new set-up (from donors to friends) (2022-2023).
  2. Setting up and preparing Jubilee Year 2024 (project FM 2024)
        incl. contact with concert organizers, musicians, etc. (2022-2025).
  3. Renewing, expanding and keeping the website up-to-date (2022-2025).
  4. Setting up a Frank Martin Social Platform (2023).
  5. Disseminating information via the internet/social media (2022-2025).
  6. Publishing brochures in the context of FM2024 etc.
  7. Preparation of an up-to-date comprehensive list of works, to be published on the website (2022-2023).
  8. Informing and facilitating musicians, musicologists, concert organizers
        and others involved in the work and ideas of Frank Martin (2022-2025).
  9. Moving the Frank Martin collection from the Frank Martin House in Naarden to the flat in Almere (2021-2022).
  10. Handing over the remains of manuscripts, photographs and sound recordings
          to the Paul Sacher Stiftung in Basel, Switzerland (2022).
  11. Inventory/cataloguing and safe storage of autographs, letters, photographic material, sound recordings,
         AV material, published sheet music, digitize important files (music, text and photographic material) (2022-2024).
  12. Contact with Frank Martin’s publishers on various projects (new editions, adaptations, digitalization, rights) (2020-2025).
  13. Setting up a Frank and Maria Martin Trust to financially support activities organized by third parties
          that fall under the objectives of the society (2023).

Board (per 1 March 2024)

Ferry Jongbloed – chairman (until 1-1-2025)*
Antoinette van Nierop – secretary*
Bert Windt – treasurer*
Hans Boomsma – member* (until 1-1-2025)
Mark van Dongen – member
Jaap Kroes – member
Jos Leussink – member
Teresa Martin Blinkhof – member*
Henk van der Meulen – member* (chairman from 1-1-2025)
Jaap Verbeek – member*

* and member executive board

Advisors to the board

Philip Leussink
Jacinta Wetzer

Contact information

Internet address:
Mail address: Poseidonsingel 20, 1363TR Almere, The Netherlands
Phone: +31 6 25033800 (Ferry Jongbloed private)

The Frank Martin Society is classified by the Dutch tax authorities as an ANBI: public benefit institution.