Messe pour double choeur a cappella
Mass for double choir a cappella

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Year of composition




Scored for

2 mixed choirs (2 SATB); see also Agnus Dei (for organ).

Publication information

Bärenreiter (BA07594)


I. Kyrie
II. Gloria
III. Credo
IV. Sanctus
V. Agnus Dei (1926)


This mass, composed in 1922 (except for the Agnus Dei which dates from 1926), was a work of my own free will, without commission or remuneration. Indeed at that time I knew of no choral conductor who could be interested in it. I never submitted it to the Society of Swiss Musicians for performance at one of their annual events. In fact I had no desire to have it performed as I was afraid it would be judged on a purely aesthetic level. As far as I was concerned it was a matter between God and myself. The same was true later on for a Christmas oratorio. I felt that religious fervour should remain private and not be influenced by public opinion. So much so that this composition remained in a drawer for forty years, included as a formality in my list of works. It was there in 1962 that the conductor of the Bugenhagen-Kantorei in Hamburg, Mr. Franz W. Brunnert, saw it mentioned and asked me to send it to him for perusal. He and his choir gave the first performance in the autumn of 1963, 41 years after it was composed.
All the aforementioned shows clearly that, even though I wrote the mass for a large number of voices, it is music of an inward nature. My musical language has developped considerably since that period. There are some things in this work that I would no longer be able to write ; there are also weaknesses that I would never repeat. (I would be guilty of others, who wouldn’t?). But there are also musical elements which are very close to me, such as the phrase «Et incarnatus est» that I had already used in the unpublished Christmas oratorio. It reappears almost identically in my oratorio Golgotha, enhancing the text «Comme il avait aimé les siens dans le monde, il les aima d’un suprême amour».
Let us hope that conviction, youth and some beauty can still be appreciated in this mass that is almost half a century old.

(Frank Martin; translated by Rachel Ann Morgan)


World premiere: Hamburg, 2 November 1963. Bugenhagen Kantorei; Franz W. Brunnert, conductor


  1. Nederlands Kamerkoor; Peter Dijkstra, conductor
    Live recording, 29 April 2016, Leeuwarden, The Netherlands (YouTube)

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