Frank Martin

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Welcome! This site is dedicated to the music and life of the composer Frank Martin (Geneva CH 1890 – 1974 Naarden NL). We invite you to visit an extensive database of his Works.
Most compositions are provided with detailed information about instrumentation/orchestration, texts, premieres and audio samples. You will also find links to publishers of Martin’s musical scores. If available comments of the composer himself are included. 

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2024 is the commemorative year marking 50 years since Frank Martin passed away. The Frank Martin Stichting aims at making 2024 a festive year full of great performances of the impressive oeuvre of this composer worldwide.

Let’s celebrate his music!

The document Frank Martin – Celebrating his Music re-examines his oeuvre through the eyes and ears of today. Please visit | 2024 | to browse or download this guide.

Ce guide est également disponible en français, intitulé ‘Frank Martin – Célébrer sa musique’, voir  | 2024 | .

Concerts and other initiatives related to this memorial year can be published on this website. So if you have any plans you are cordially invited to let us know by sending an email to 2024@frankmartin.org. Once concerts or other initiatives are definite, we will publish them on our Calendar too.

Let’s make 2024 a real Frank Martin year!

La cantatrice (ca. 1923)
This painting, made by the Swiss avant-garde painter Alice Bailly (1872-1938),
depicts a female singer and a pianist, who is most likely Frank Martin…
Visit La cantatrice for a larger image and some more information.


Ria Bollen

The Flemish alto Ria Bollen (1942) had an impressive, international career as a concert singer. She had a special preference for Frank Martin’s work, with whom she had a close relationship and of whom she performed many works. Frank Martin asked her to participate in his Requiem, he even wrote the Agnus Dei of the Requiem ‘with her voice in mind’. In the run-up to the Frank Martin memorial year 2024 Ria Bollen was interviewed about Frank Martin, his works and their friendship. (visit Videos for part 2)

Visiting the frank martin house

Thomas Beijer

In August 2021, Thomas Beijer visited the Frank Martin House in Naarden (NL).
Thomas Beijer is a Dutch pianist with a special interest in the music of Frank Martin.
In February 2022, he received the Dutch Music Award (Nederlandse Muziekprijs), the highest award given by the Dutch Ministry of Education, Culture and Science to a musician who performs classical music.


Maria Martin

Interview with Maria Martin (1915-2017), Frank Martin’s widow, at the Frank Martin House at the Bollelaan in Naarden. This film was made in the summer and autumn of 2011 by Véronique Cabois and commissioned by the Frank Martin Stichting, The Netherlands.

frank martin, composer of the week


Donald Macleod, BBC Radio 3,
explores the life and work Frank Martin.
(June 2014, 55 minutes)

“When I play the ‘Polyptyque’ by Frank Martin I feel the same responsibility, the same exaltation as when I play Bach’s Chaconne”.

Yehudi Menuhin