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Frank Martin

Welcome! This site is dedicated to the music and life of the composer Frank Martin (Geneva (CH) 1890 – Naarden (NL) 1974). We invite you to visit an extensive database of his works: Frank Martin’s music and read more about his life in Meet Frank Martin – Biography. You can see a pictorial history of his life in Photos.

And find additional information in References such as bulletins, blogs and information on the Frank Martin Foundation, that is responsible for the content and maintenance of this website. If you are looking for specific information, we hope you find it on this site. If you are just browsing: happy browsing! If you like to obtain additional information or communicate with us, please get in touch!


Maria Martin

Interview with Maria Martin (1915-2017), Frank Martin’s widow, at the Frank Martin House at the Bollelaan in Naarden. This film was made in the summer and autumn of 2011 by Véronique Cabois and commissioned by the Frank Martin Stichting, The Netherlands.

“When I play the ‘Polyptyque’ by Frank Martin I feel the same responsibility, the same exaltation as when I play Bach’s Chaconne”.

Yehudi Menuhin