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Paul Badura-Skoda

Composer Frank Martin (1890-1974) and pianist Paul Badura-Skoda (b. 1927) were musical soulmates and good friends. Frank Martin wrote two piano works for his Viennese virtuoso friend in the last nine years of his life: Concerto II pour piano et orchestre (1968-69) and Fantaisie sur des rythmes flamenco for piano solo (1973). Both works were created in a unique cooperation between composer and pianist that can only exist when people are good friends and have complete trust in each other’s musical integrity. read more read more

Dusting off Piles of Manuscripts

Piles of manuscripts on an antique table of a Swiss composer in The Netherlands… The interior of the Frank Martin House is like a time capsule: A beautiful garden with old trees, small windows, parquet flooring, and Persian rugs family photographs. Frank Martin died in 1974, but it looks as if he left yesterday: read more read more