Book about Frank Martin & Paul Badura-Skoda

We are very pleased to announce a new book about Composer Frank Martin (1890-1974) and Pianist Paul Badura-Skoda (b. 1927).

The book will be published in January 2019.

Book information: Universal Edition, ISBN nr: 978-3-7024-7620-5

Paul Badura-Skoda

Composer Frank Martin (1890-1974) and pianist Paul Badura-Skoda (b. 1927) were musical soulmates and good friends. Frank Martin wrote two piano works for his Viennese virtuoso friend in the last nine years of his life: Concerto II pour piano et orchestre (1968-69) and Fantaisie sur des rythmes flamenco for piano solo (1973). Both works were created in a unique cooperation between composer and pianist that can only exist when people are good friends and have complete trust in each other’s musical integrity.

The letters they wrote to each other between 1965 and 1974 that illustrate this creative process and the interpretation of the works, will be available later this year (November 2018) in a book published by Universal Edition, Vienna. Frank Martin’s biographer Bernhard Billeter has annotated the letters in an introduction. The book is published in three languages: German, French and English. Readers also have access to an internet file with a pdf of the original letters.

Ferry Jongbloed

Frank Martin Society ‘Open Day’ 2017

On the 11th of June at the beautiful Tindal Villa in Bussum (Netherlands), guitarist Martin van Hees arrived, accompanied by Frank Martin specialist Magda de Meester and the members of the Frank Martin Society.

The sun was shining brightly and the audience – consisting of Frank Martin lovers, associates and relatives – could have their refreshments in the garden of the villa. The program of the day started with a lecture by Magda de Meester on Frank Martin and his only composition for the classical guitar: Quatre Pièces Brèves.
This was followed by a performance of the Quatre Pièces Brèves by guitarist Martin van Hees, and then continued with Magda interviewing Martin.
An interesting conversation developed during the interview which led to an analysis of the Quatre Pièces Brèves. The audience enjoyed a profound talk between the Frank Martin specialist and the guitarist which resulted in a repeat performance of the work. Now the audience had in-depth access to the composition and thus could better understand and appreciate the meaning and underlying meaning.

Many positive reactions were received by the guitarist and the lecturer. Afterwards the audience appreciated the fine weather and good conversations while enjoying their coffee at the beautiful villa.

Martin van Hees

Dusting off Piles of Manuscripts

Piles of manuscripts on an antique table. Swiss composer in The Netherlands. Interior of the Frank Martin House, a time capsule: beautiful garden with old trees, small windows, parquet flooring, Persian rugs family photographs. Frank Martin died in 1974 but it looks as if he left yesterday. His pencil at the piano.

A chest of drawers in the music room, filled with manuscripts, some of them unpublished: drafts, study scores. We like to open the content of these drawers to the world by making a digital catalogue of the musical heritage of a great composer. We look at the manuscripts lovingly kept by Maria, his spouse for 35 years. We dust off the treasures and make an inventory. The content of the treasure trove reveals not only music notes, but also the spirit of the composer. Music that comes from an inner urge.

The Frank Martin data base catalogue will be public later this year on this website. Our work is the end of one chapter and the beginning of a next: a link in the long chain of people in search of beauty.

Magda de Meester
Ferry Jongbloed

A book by Maria Martin has been published

A book by Maria Martin has been published:
Treasured memories, my life with Frank Martin” (in English)

The book is published by Gooiberg Pers in the Netherlands, (
ISBN: 9789072184610
Price: €19.50 (€16 for members of the ‘Sociéte Frank Martin’ or ‘Frank Martin Stichting’)