Huit Préludes pour le piano
Eight Preludes for piano

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Universal Edition, edited by Paul Badura-Skoda (UE35753)


Frank Martin wrote the Eight Preludes for Piano for the pianist Dinu Lipatti, one of his closest and dearest friends. Before he began work on the pieces, he intended to write twelve preludes, but in the course of composing he changed his mind, and wrote only eight. At the time he was working on the Preludes, Martin had Lipatti’s playing and his unusual touch in his ear, and these were a great inspiration to him.
When Martin had completed the Preludes he gave them to Lipatti when they met in London, and it was here that the pianist gave his first recital in the Wigmore Hall in the spring of 1948. The composer wrote a poetic dedication in the manuscript:

To take your ten magic fingers for a walk
I would have needed twelve magic gardens.
Now there are but eight, and poor pieces for a fairy.
For the Muse punished me in my slow search for sounds
Too oft with contempt for my syntheses.

Dinu was very pleased and said he would play them in public in two years time. When he saw the look of surprise on the composer’s face, he added: ‘I think an interpreter needs two years to fully assimilate a work like this’. This was a fine proof of his artistic conscience, which was without doubt an important feature of Lipatti’s greatness. Sadly, the illness that finally claimed his life after years of untiring resistance was beginning to make itself felt at this time. Dinu Lipatti died at the end of 1950 without ever having given a public performance of the Preludes.
Maria Martin, 1966


World premiere: Lausanne, 22 March 1950 (broadcast) Leysin; 1950 (public performance) Denise Bidal

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