La Voix des siècles
(The Voice of the Ages) stage and choral music and marches for the Bimillenary of Geneva

Year of composition


Scored for

Version for brass band: 'Marche des 22 cantons' and 'Marche de Genève' (1942, ?', manuscript).


Paul Chaponnière, Albert Rheinwald and Henri de Ziegler


Composition written on the occasion of the Bimillenary of Geneva.
Declamation and music on texts by three writers from Geneva: Paul Chaponnière, Albert Rheinwald et Henri de Ziegler on music by four composers of Geneva: André-François Marescotti, Roger Vuataz, Louis Piantoni and Frank Martin.
Frank Martin was responsible for the last episode, illustrating «modern» Geneva.


Original version and version for brass band of the ‘Marche des 22 cantons’ and the ‘Marche de Genève’ in manuscript only.
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