Trio sur des mélodies populaires irlandaises
Trio on Irish Folk Tunes

Year of composition




Scored for

violin, cello and piano
I. Allegro moderato II. Adagio III. Gigue

Publication information

Hug Musikverlage (GH 7160)


The Trio on Irish Folk Tunes was written in 1925 at Capbreton, Les Landes. Using the rich musical ideas of Irish folklore, the composer has tried to keep as close as possible to its particular characteristics. He has avoided any changes to the melodies by using each one in its entirety and not adding any harmonies that could alter the original atmosphere. That is to say, there is no development, in the classical meaning of the term, in this trio.
The composer has chosen rhythm as the principal element of musical form and has used rhythmic combinations to enrich his musical language.
The first movement is entirely based on a rhythmic progression, using accelerando in successive stages. Each entry of a new musical thought is announced by a slightly faster tempo. In this movement there is hardly any reappearance of themes; its unity is ensured by rhythmic relationships between the various melodies.
In the second movement, thematic unity is achieved by repeating a melody given to the cello. This melody reoccurs identically, in the same register and the same key, supported by a constantly changing melodic and rhythmic basis.
The third movement, gigue, no longer uses accelerando for progression but superimposes various motifs, giving a wealth of rhythmic details. We can perceive here, more than elsewhere, the metric independence of each voice of the trio.
In conclusion, harmony and the polyphonic principle of imitation are not challenging in this trio. All the more so the rhythm and melody that are at the core of Irish song and dance.

In: Schweizerische Musikzeitung 1930, Heft 11.


World premiere: Paris, April 1926, with Frank Martin at the piano

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