Frank Martin

Frank Martin

Read about Frank Martin, composer.



Read about, and listen to the compositions of Frank Martin.

Frank Martin House

Frank Martin House

Read all about the Frank Martin House in Naarden, the Netherlands.



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This website is dedicated to the Swiss composer Frank Martin (1890 - 1974).

Musicians, musicologists and concert organizers may be interested in the concise biography, and lists of works selected by genre (specifying instrumentation, duration, year of composition and the publisher of each work).

We invite all music lovers to look at the information about the Société Frank Martin (CH) and the Frank Martin Stichting (NL), the Frank Martin House in Naarden (NL) and the large collection of photos (classified according to different topics).

There is also the possibility of communicating with the composer's widow, Maria Martin, by mail or E-mail (see "contact").

Since we keep a data base of all performances of Frank Martin’s work, we kindly ask all musicians and music organizers to inform us about upcoming performances.


In order to introduce the composer to you, here are some quotations about him expressed by important musicians:

When I play the 'Polyptyque' by Frank Martin I feel the same responsibility, the same exaltation as when I play Bach's Chaconne".

Yehudi Menuhin


His work stands like a rock and upholds credence in the future of music".

Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau.


Frank Martin had the courage to tackle face on the problem [...] of musical language possible in our time in all its generality and transcendence. That is why, once achieved, his feat is of universal consequence".

Ernest Ansermet.


Many great works of this century are admired; few have the privilege of being loved. Frank Martin created works which are both admired and loved".

Paul Badura-Skoda.


Frank Martin has always belonged to the elite of the musical world due solely to his creative genius, nurtured by the silent meditation in his work and by the fervour of his faith".

Pierre Fournier